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Miracles and Dreams12-03-19 Miracles and Dreams

Guests: Dr. Joan Borysenko Ph.D., Dr. Bernie Siegel Ph.D., and Rev. Patricia Cagganello.

Show Description: What do New York Times Bestselling authors Dr. Joan Borynsenko Ph.D., Dr. Bernie Siegel Ph.D., and Rev. Patricia Cagganello have in common? Miracles and Dreams! Join us as Joan Borysenko, Bernie, and Rev. Patricia discuss the power of Miracles and Dreams. Joan Borysenko shares the power of miracles in her book Pocketful of Miracles. Bernie shares insights in his 1986 #1 New Your Times Bestseller, Love, Medicine and Miracles, and his 2011 book titled A Book Of Miracles, and Rev Patricia Cagganello talks about miracles in spirituality and moving from Chaos to Clarity during the current upheavals in our world. Are our Dreams Sacred Doorways to Divine Miracles, and do miracles still really happen?

Dr. Joan Borysenko Ph.D.Dr. Joan Borysenko Ph.D., is a Harvard-trained cell biologist, licensed psychologist, and spiritual educator. A distinguished pioneer in mind/body and integrative medicine. and integrative medicine. She’s president of Mind-Body Health Sciences, LLC, and a New York Times bestselling author of 17 books. Her new book is a powerful collection of spiritual activities that we can use every day in order to create miracles in our lives. Through daily meditations and exercises, Dr. Borysenko helps us to let go of fear and realize the light of peace.

Today she is with us to speak about a Pocketful of Miracles

Dr. Bernie SiegelDr. Bernie Siegel Ph.D., who prefers to be called Bernie, is an American writer and retired pediatric surgeon, who writes on the relationship between the patient and the healing process. He attended Colgate University and Cornell University Medical College. He retired from practice as an assistant clinical professor of surgery at Yale of general and pediatric surgery in 1989 to speak to patients and their caregivers. Bernie Siegel first wrote about miracles when he was a practicing surgeon and founded Exceptional Cancer Patients, a groundbreaking synthesis of group, individual, dream, and art therapy that provided patients with a “carefrontation.” He is known for his best-selling book Love, Medicine and Miracles.

Rev. Patricia CagganelloRev. Patricia Cagganello is CEO and Founder of Sacred Stories Media, an online media network that includes Sacred Stories Publishing, an award-winning traditional book publishing, and marketing company, a podcast stream, an online telesummit series, the Owl Magazine, and an online course division Sacred U. Rev. Patricia is an ordained interfaith, interspiritual minister and sacred storyteller.

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