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Michael Andre Ford09-13-22 Meet the Angels with Michael André Ford and later Chrissa Santoro, Communications Director at Omega Institute

Michael André Ford is an angel intuitive with 12 years of experience who helps you meet, hear, and see angels and other loving figures. His book Listening to Angels has ranked #2 on Amazon in the ‘Angel’ category. He has been featured on shows, podcasts, and in online magazines.

Michael removes the veil for a direct experience. This means people get to connect to angels without a barrier. Michael helps you to receive answers from angels for any business or life topics. All languages are spoken.

  • Let Angels assist and guide you. Hear their gentle calls to action with specific advice on steps to take.
  • Get unstuck and see the bigger picture. Find your vision and a new source of wisdom.
  • Discover a new path ahead, with clear goals and the confidence to act on them. For business people, get all your business answers in detail. Yes, you read this right. Any topics. Any answers.
  • Angels also bring you your truths, can alter your path and are fun to meet as you get help with your decision making. Slowing down to meet Angels and other loving figures is itself an act of compassion.

Michael André Ford is an Angel Intuitive in San Antonio, TX. His unique ability to pull back the Veil means people get to meet, hear & see Angels, spirit guides, and other well-known compassionate figures. Michael connects you to yourself and the Universe without a barrier. His gift has been described as unimaginable work that no man does yet. As Michael moves energy, you transition out of thinking and into your heart where All is possible. There, you hear, feel and see the beautiful beings that are here to support you on your present journey. There is healing as well. Allow, Ask & Receive. There are no limits.

Michael believes that the greatest form of human compassion is to empower people to listen for their own answers to their life questions.

Later in the Show Deborah is joined by Chrissa Santoro, Communications Director at Omega Institute to share what is happening 

Chrissa Santoro, Registered Yoga Teacher, has been a practitioner of hatha yoga and meditation since 1998. She is communications director at Omega where she been on staff since 2005.

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