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02-01-21 Creative Activism: Art for Environmental Advocacy
Guest Melissa Guillet, Founder of 15 Minute Field Trips™

The Law of Inspired Action states the premise that if we take action toward an intended goal, such as increasing people’s appreciation of and sensitivity toward Nature, every action we take with this goal in mind, is bound to bring us closer to our goal. One such action is creating art. Nature is a boundless source of inspiration for art, and this art can magnify the beauty, wonder and creative genius of Nature. Displayed in public places, nature-inspired art can help engage people in issues they may otherwise overlook, ignore, or neglect. This episode begins with a walk through an ocean side park, where environmental artwork is on display.

Our guest, art educator Melissa Guillet is the founder of 15 Minute Field Trips™, a nonprofit dedicated to environmental advocacy through the arts, outdoor education, and community action. Melissa has a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting and a Bachelors of Science in Art Education from Rhode Island College. She earned her Masters of Education in Creative Art and Learning at Lesley University and became a URI Master Gardener in 2011. She also holds certificates from Cornell in Nature Education and Environmental Education, as well as certification in Climate Change Science, Communication, and Action.

Melissa has worked 17 years as an art teacher for grades K-5 in East Providence. She makes a point of integrating history, science, math, cultural studies, and environmental literacy. She shares how she uses outdoor observation and art projects to engage her students. This kind of exposure to nature turns participants into advocates for the environment.


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