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08-01-22 Voice of the Forest: Guest Matthew Largess, President & Founder, Largess Forestry

Nationally renowned Matthew “Twig” Largess founded his business, Largess Forestry, Inc., in 1986. His company is dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and education of the Earth’s forests while enhancing awareness and knowledge of the natural world. A Rhode Island native, Matt studied forestry at Paul Smith’s College, and spent his younger years as a logger, cutting down some of the biggest trees on the earth in the Pacific Northwest, before discovering his calling to become the “Voice of the Forest” and preserve and protect our magnificent trees. He is an International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist and a full time environmentalist.

Matt LargessTrees are the true guardians of our planet. They provide shade to protect understory plants, animals and people from the burning sun, and they cool the climate. They absorb carbon dioxide from the air and transform it into oxygen, food, wood, leaf compost and so much more. Trees take care of us and connect us in spirit and with Spirit. Trees are an essential resource we must care for in return. In this episode we explore the many ways we can engage with and support our magnificent trees and forests.


Largess Forestry website –

Central Falls Reforestation Project –

Education Tree Walks –

Norway Maple vs. Sugar Maple –

Food Forest Abundance website –

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