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Mary Ann Robbat, founder of Inner Openings and The Robbat Center for the Advancement of Energy Healing, has been a practicing Medium, Intuit, Guide and Energy Healer for the last 15 years. Mary Ann specializes in channeling spirits whose insights, humor and perspective on life helps individual’s live their life to the fullest potential. She has also worked individually with hundreds of people to connect them to their spirits to receive insights, ask questions, and find out what more they can be doing in their life. She is a Practicing Shaman, Success Unlimited Certified Coach, a Center for Creative Leadership Coach, a whole brain specialist, and the author of Going Off the Deep End. As a healer, Mary Ann taps into her client’s energy to find out where there are energy blocks in their bodies and how these blocks are limiting or hindering their life. She works with her clients to release these energy blocks and provide healing energy to ground and center her client in new beliefs. 

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