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05-12-23 The Magic of Relationships #3: Tools for Creating Relationships Based on Love

In this, our third and perhaps final program on the magic of relationships, we’re going to apply the powerful theories and discoveries we’ve been exploring.

We’ve seen there is very strong evidence that those who have many warm relationships live longer and are healthier and happier. We’ve seen how exclusive use of the Old Paradigm, which relies exclusively on the Cartesian principles of analyzing, comparing, criticizing, judging, and polarizing creates personal and relational problems. We have also seen how employing the New Paradigm, according to which we are accepting, caring, compassionate, and open to Love (with a capital “L”) can create fulfilling, lasting relationships.

We will touch on the theories of Harville Hendrix, author of “Getting The Love You Want,” John Gottman and the Four Horses Of The Apocalypse approach to rescuing relationships. Then we will apply these tools to learn how to relate with others by creating dialogues that invite deeper and more expansive communications instead of debates that only increase polarization.

Finally, we will explore ways to be open to life and goodness in others, to create true dialogue, and deeper sharing and to embody these new behaviors through guided imagery meditation.

“My 50 years of experience as a physician studying the holistic approach to medicine and healing, have convinced me that our medical system is not focused on healing our bodies, minds, emotions, and behaviors. Instead, its primary focus is to charge the highest possible prices for delivering symptomatic relief. (Note: I am speaking of the system, not the doctors). Its goal is to treat the symptoms of our illnesses, not the source of our illnesses.” 
― Emmett Miller, MD 

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