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Last Show for The New Lifeboat Hour

7-20-18  Lyn White On Animal Justice In Australia And Beyond

Lyn White with Animals Australia is also the Director of Animals International, the global arm of Animals Australia, collaborating with international colleague groups on universal animal cruelty issues from factory farming to live export. Her work has led to unprecedented animal welfare advancements in a number of countries, including in Jordan where she serves as Chief Adviser to the Princess Alia Foundation. Lyn’s life experiences are unique and provide an insight into the systems of justice in place for humans and animals. She presents a compelling argument that the causes of human and animal suffering are the same — and that we cannot address one without addressing the essence of both. Moreover she deeply challenges the essence of our humanity by advocating that we are not simply here to be human beings, but to become humane beings — and to leave this world a kinder and more compassionate place for those who follow us. This show is not a collection of horror stories but reveals the many victories of Animals Australia and shares how we can all become involved to strengthen justice for animals.

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