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11-30-22 The Only Way Out Is The Only Way In with Lisa Fair and Frances Xu

David Hoffmeister, Lisa Fair and Frances Xu met with the Interns at Living Miracles Mexico Center, La Casa De Milagros, for a morning session. There are many people that have tried to renounce the world in words. Stop the world, I want to get off now! They think if I just renounce it enough, it will disappear, but we really don’t escape this world by renouncing it verbally. We have to value Christ so much that we welcome Christ to live in our hearts. And as we welcome Christ to live in our hearts, we start to realize that the value of the love that God has for us is more important than anything we could value in the world. We actually have to forgive and remember our Creator. Enjoy this beautiful session with touching comments and questions from the interns.

You can watch the gathering on YouTube: or listen to the entire session on Spreaker:

The audio was recorded at Living Miracles Mexico Center in Chapala, Mexico, on November 16, 2022.

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