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Light in the Darkness Uncovering Grief and TraumaDuring an unprecedented time in history, hundreds of millions of people worldwide are experiencing traumatic events. These events have repercussions that affect people’s daily lives. Many people associate trauma with combat; however, trauma often stems from more common occurrences like sexual abuse, alcoholism, addiction, or physical violence and emotional abuse. Nearly half the people experiencing the loss of a loved one may feel the effects of post-traumatic stress. Almost everyone has been exposed to these experiences, either directly or indirectly.

Light in the Darkness: Uncovering Grief and Trauma provides a mental health “wisdom well” to help you connect to yourself and find hope again. It also provides case studies and compelling interviews with experts and survivors that delve into how to #liftthestigma of mental illness and free yourself and your loved ones from the long-term impact of traumatic experiences.

Case studies and compelling interviews with experts delve deep into wisdom that can free you and your loved ones from the grip of traumatic experience. Through these true stories and the latest research in psychology and neurology, uncover a universal human experience.

Dear Reader,

We are honored that you considering Light in the Darkness: Uncovering Grief and Trauma. Our hope is that you are now exploring, asking the questions, and doing the work to heal from your trauma. No matter where you are on this healing path, the fact that you are here with us is timely and you can help us #liftthestigma regarding mental illness.

Our mission at the Conscious Content Collective® is to educate and spread awareness on issues that matter to human-ity. Mental wellness has never been more critical. Our prayer for you is to recognize you are in the right place at the right time to do so. We are learning that all is in divine order and when you start looking for that in your own life, you will connect the dots to see how you got here in this moment. Lastly, we want you to know how grateful we are to have shared this time with you as you read, evolved, grew and hopefully had your own a-ha moments as you read this book. The path of the human journey can be extraordinary, painful, and joyous. Our unique divine blueprint contains everything we need.

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