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02-22-23 Knowing the Path is Already Laid Out for You with David Hoffmeister

I remember at the end of the millennium; I had this strong feeling that we were ready to wake up. The Truman Show came in 1998, and then we had the 13th floor, Dark City, and the Matrix. All these movies started appearing in our consciousness that the world was a dream. The world was a matrix. The world was of fiction. The world was a world of fantasy and dreams. And clearly, in all of these movies, there was a strong desire by the main character to wake up from the trick. To forgive the illusion. To release the false make-believe reality and awaken to the One. To escape from the false world and experience the real world and the light beyond the real world.

So for those of you on the spiritual journey and who are practicing A Course in Miracles, Jesus has been keeping in step with the movies keeping introducing more and more movies. Here’s another movie. Did you get it? Okay, here, try this one. Did you get it? Okay, try this one. How about that one? Did you get it? You know, the spirit is just offering us one movie after another. And now we’ve collected them all. We call it the Movie Watchers Guide to Enlightenment. Because if you really want to let the symbols reach your mind and show you what’s in your heart, what you already know deep down inside, you need to recognize it. Then we need stepping-stone symbols.

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