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marilyn and steve riel04-01-22 Keeping it Riel with Marilyn & Steve Riel

I met and connected with Marilyn and Steve about 3 years ago – we all belonged to a local networking group in Eastern Connecticut. Marilyn and Steve we a down to earth, friendly and very sweet couple and one could immediately warm up to them. We became friendly and they somehow convinced me to come into the studio and check it out – so I did. It was open and bright and you I felt welcomed by them both. I remember thinking that they were a pretty well-oiled machine – finishing each other’s sentences at just the right moment. They were pretty excited to talk about what they were doing with homesteading and their photography business.

I scheduled a head-shot photo session with them – but felt apprehensive as I do not like my picture taken. They made me very comfortable and the session was a blast!! I actually really love my pictures and have used them for many different marketing pieces. Doing this show allows me to invite all kinds of interesting guests to speak about what they do and how it affects humanity in a positive way – Marilyn and Steve are 2 of those people, that I invited to be my Awakened Soul of the Week – So I hope you will tune in ad listen to what they have to say!!


Hi! We’re Steve and Marilyn Riel, two old-fashioned souls living in Lisbon, Connecticut.

Most people know us as photographers who own and operate a portrait studio and boutique but may not be aware that when we aren’t working on our business, we are working on our homestead.  Our true love is the self-reliance you gain from gardening, preserving, foraging, making tinctures and salves and other survival preparations that we do every day here at our little cabin in the woods.

The studio side of our life is a women’s portrait photography studio.  Marilyn chose to photograph women exclusively when she found an overwhelming emotional connection with how it affected her female clients.  Women seemed to connect with the experience so much more deeply than the majority of men that she photographed.  Marilyn uses this experience to build women’s self-confidence and to help empower women looking for more than just photographs of themselves.

Outside of the studio, we live a much simpler life.  We try to live in a way that has been passed down from our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.  We both grew up raised by depression era parents and learned from a very early age how to be self-reliant and how to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. We feel it to be important to pass this way of life down to the future generations within our family and anyone else that clicks with this way of life.

A quote from Patricia Sampson sums-up our belief – “Self-reliance is the only road to  true freedom and being one’s own person, is its ultimate reward.”

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