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11-12-21 Awakened Soul Story of the Week- Karen Regan

Karen is a Certified Hypnotist who combines her hypnotism skills with spirituality and brings her clients to a relaxed and receptive place where she facilitates a Soul Journey session through a conversation with their spirit guides to relay messages of hope, healing and insight. The messages may come through from their guides, angels, deceased loved ones or from the persons higher self. All messages are delivered with love and to help clients who feel that they have lost their meaning, purpose and direction. She also does Aura readings and Energy Clearings with a colleague, Jen Byers. Just from a picture, Jen gets a reading on the person’s energy, and under Karen’s guidance Jen is hypnotized and Karen facilitates an Energy Clearing for the client. Together Karen and Jen identify and release whatever is draining their energy and negatively having an impact on their life. They replace that negative energy with positive healing energy through angels, guides, loved ones that have passed and other light healers. After a clearing people feel peace of mind, body and spirit and they are able to feel rested, less anxious, restful sleep and improved health.

“I thought my whole world collapsed when I lost my spouse.

I lost my best friend, my rock, my protector, my own identity. When Dan died, it felt like I had lost everything. In the days, weeks, and months that followed his passing, I found myself drowning in a pool of emotions. Emptiness like I had never felt. Alone for the first time in my life. Fear of what the future held and confusion of who I was not being a wife anymore.

I threw myself into the gym, friends, managing the house on my own, anything to avoid the emptiness and feeling of being lost. But I knew he wouldn’t want that for me. I couldn’t let his death be in vain and because of that, I began to reconstruct my life. MY way. MY terms.

I began to heal. I studied to be a certified hypnotist, EFT and NLP Practitioner and Reiki Master.

I offer Reiki and Life Coaching to patients and staff at a local hospital. After years of inner work, I discovered who I was. I split my time between a two-room stone cottage up North and the beautiful home I shared with my husband. I have fulfilling work that gives me meaning, purpose and direction. I surround myself with people who uplift me and I have released those that sucked the life out of me.

Today I have a business doing not only what I love but what I feel is my calling because I serve other amazing widows on their path to healing and self-discovery. It became my personal mission to help other widows who have experienced the same devastation of not only losing a spouse but themselves too. I help them rise from the ashes and rebuild a life they love. Are you a widow trying to discover her passion, confidence, and vision? I have an amazing opportunity for you.

Apply for a spot in my 12- week Redefined Widow Coaching Empowerment Program where you will learn:
* The secret to finding your purpose and be a confident bad-ass woman that has found her voice.
* The art to trusting yourself and have confidence that you CAN do this alone and still be happy.
* How to no longer ache for what was and you are ready to move forward into a beautiful new life as a new you.

Schedule a 30- minute session and find out how!”

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