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Heather Leigh Strom06-22-23 K9 Spirit Guides: The Healing Power of Man’s Best Friend with Heather Leigh Strom

Studies actually show that dogs can facilitate our healing and elevate our awareness.  They actually in many cases adopt the personality of their owner.  How does all of this happen?  How are they able to help people heal?

Heather Leigh Strom, author of the newly released and critically acclaimed book, K9 Spirit Guides: The Healing Power of Man’s Best Friend.

Heather Leigh Strom. I have more than thirty years of experience working with and healing the physical bodyBut it was never quite enough for me. I felt there was still something missing.

For four decades I struggled to understand and heal from a very difficult childhood that leaked into adulthood. The baggage of this pain, fear, and insecurity affected how I experienced life, influenced the type of people in my life, and the way I felt about myself. It left me with a sense of deep longing to find, complete, fix, and repair myself that I could never fully achieve. Throughout my life I had tried many self-help techniques, psychotherapy approaches, metaphysical processes, self-improvement seminars, and mind / thought control routines without any true relief. Some of these would make me feel a little bit better for a short period, but none of them provided a complete fix or true healing. None of them made me feel “whole” again. None of them helped me to find the peace I was so desperately seeking.  And I had the same empty feeling about my work as a healer.

In the Spring of 2020, a very unique spiritual awakening began to unfold in my life. This is when the Core Four Spirit Guides began working with me, showing me what needed to be healed, and then providing the resources for me to achieve it fully for the first time in my life. With their guidance I was able to experience profound divine healing, a complete rebirth, resembling that of a Phoenix rising! This healing was so deep and complete that it transgressed multiple dimensions and multiple lifetimes. Their tools and guidance allowed this process to feel effortless, instant, and complete. It was a truly magical divine experience; peaceful, loving, and natural.  I became deeply connected to my own soul like never before!

My “calling” had come in finally as my bell was wrung and I reported for duty.  My skills appeared seemingly out of nowhere and over night!  I just fell into who I was always meant to be.  I embraced it, welcomed it, and have now fully stepped into my servitude of assisting other souls on their path to wholeness and ascension! It is with these new skills that I am better able to fully address the needs of my clients and guide them through their own journey of healing, self-discovery, and transformation. And in so doing I fulfil my sacred contract and complete my soul purpose. My unique channel ability provides my clients with a sacred, divine, and safe connection to their own personal spiritual guidance, their higher selves, and the truth that they unknowingly seek. These missing pieces are critical to recover and reconnect in order to restore balance and wellness.

My specific title, Galactic K9 Translator, provides me unique access to some very special benevolent healing entities working with humanity through our dogs. You can read about these special angels and guides in my book, K9 Spirit Guides. I also have the ability to bring these K9 guides directly to you, providing incredibly unique and specific healing and wisdom that you seek! Opening up pathways to improve your life and set you free!  There is no arguing that the roots of our wellness are buried in our own wisdom!

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