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10-15-20 Crappy to Happy Series- Judy Lemon and Jess Campmans

Diane interviews Judy Lemon and Jess Campmans on this powerful episode in the Crappy to Happy Series. Judy’s story in the series is the Magic Tree. In this story Judy does a medicine ceremony outside in the jungle of amazon by herself. Judy shares her story about letting go and connecting deeply with herself in the jungle while she performed her own medicine woman ceremony. Judy found the power of her intuition and healing as a shamanic practitioner in the jungle. She went from a life as a rock star to a simple life in the jungle among men. This unique path unveiled her true calling and passion in life. Her powerful story enlightens and inspires us to find our unique path in our lives. You can learn more about her story in her book, “Machete Woman – A tale of Resilience and Rebirth.” This book will be published soon. It tells her full story of her shift from rockstar in London to shamanic healer in the Amazon.

In the second half of the show, Diane interviews another revolutionary healer Jess Campmans. And Jess and Diane connect in a unique and powerful way as the show progresses. Jess has a magical gift to find peoples untapped potential through her work with horses. She helps people find their passion and purpose by getting messages from the horse’s movements. It is so exciting to see that healers get intuitive messages in such unique ways. Interestingly Diane and Jess both experienced digestive issues and back pain when they were holding back on their passion and purpose in life. Jess sees the physiological response from the horses as she works with people. It is so magical to see that there are so many options to find the messages we are missing through alternative treatments. They both agree we can free ourselves from being stuck or frozen by connecting with our intuition, passion and purpose. Diane and Jess both received an intuitive message during the show as technology issues caused the episode to end suddenly. They both realized that they are both holding energies and stress that need to be released. And something amazing happened, when they reconnected Diane and Jess decided to create a new podcast together outdoors in nature using their intuitive gifts with each other. Stay tuned for that new miraculous adventure airing on November 5th on Dreamvision 7. Watch the full video of Diane & Jess – Live Energy Healing Sessions from Oct 8th, 2020.

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