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Judith Blacquier04-29-22 Judith Blacquier of Synchronicity and Company

I am truly honored to have had the opportunity to meet and speak with “Healing Arts Practitioner” Judy Blacquier – This was one of those synchronistic meetings – that makes you take pause and say “HELLO Friend, I have been wondering what took you so long”. We have such a higher spiritual connection directly from the soul center. I had heard about Judy several years ago, but we never had the opportunity to actually meet in person…..until recently. Her name came up about 1 month ago, at work, through a colleague. A few days later Judy and I connected through a phone call and decided to meet in person the following week to do the interview. The day before the interview I had a reiki session set up with Sarah Tucker – After the amazing session we sat at her kitchen table and I talked with Sarah ad her Husband Jeremy – Through this conversation, Judy’s name came up again! They spoke very highly of her and Jeremy said that she was the impetus for his spiritual Journey. Weird? No way –Destiny and fate…I will let you be the judge of that.

Judy and actually I met a couple of weeks ago, in person, intending to do an interview for this Podcast. The universe had another agenda for us. We talked, and talked and talked – I did a reading for her and she in turn, did an Energy – Shamanic –Healing Session for me. I can honestly say, I have never experienced anything like it! She is one powerful woman! My hope for all of you, is to listen to this interview and reach out to Judith to schedule a session with her – I highly recommend it. Life changing.

About Judith: Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Judith Blacquier received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston University, having spent a year at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England. She went on to study at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts.  In 1996 Judith moved to Martha’s Vineyard, becoming a Holistic energy Practitioner in 1998.

Following a serious illness, Judith was guided to see a medicine woman. She traveled to South America, Europe, Hawaii, and various other places in the US, studying with healers and teachers of the wisdom traditions from around the world. Discovering her shamanic path, Judith combines her training as a reiki and breathwork practitioner into a unique and powerful process of transformation.

“As we journey to our original and timeless essence, we remember our health, fertility, wellness and wellbeing – and our authentic life is reborn”

Synchronicity and Company is currently based in Southern Rhode Island, offering private and group work. Readings are offered virtually and by phone.

Judy offers Inner Journey/Guided Meditations at Sundance Massage and Wellness in East Greenwich, Rhode Island:
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Phone: +1 401-212-1404

Interviews from 2015 which happened by sheer synchronicity. The host of the show was an actor, acting teaching, and involved in pro-wrestling.
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