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Journey of a Celtic Healer, author Rodney KellyThe first 49 years of Rod Kelly’s life was fairly normal. That was until he heard four single words over a phone call from his doctor. “We have a problem!” For the next seven years, Rod’s world became a blur of hospitalizations and emergency surgeries, as he fought for survival.

“There’s nothing more that we can do,” From that moment on, every aspects of Rods life shifted into a direction that not even his closest family members, or medical team could comprehend.

He became immersed on a spiritual journey that led him to the very fringes of the Canadian wilderness where solitude welcomed him with open arms. Without distractions, instincts often become clarified and the unseen can easily become realized.
Her name was Wishna-Hea. In earlier times she was a member of the Montagnais tribe where she and Rod had shared a past lifetime together.

It had become time for her to take an active role in guiding him on his journey back to his Ancestral heritage and allow him to become a Celtic Spiritual Elder. However there would be many paths that needed to be followed on his Spiritual journey.

The first steps would be to introduce him to the Native American community, and select the right Spiritual teacher. A James Bay Cree Elder by the name of Archie became his first teacher in the ways of Spirit. Archie was considered an icon throughout most of Canada and soon discovered Rod’s latent skill as a Shape Shifter.

His next Spiritual teacher came from a remote section of the Amazon Jungle in Equador, where knowledge of the “White Race, other than the Spanish Conquistadors wasn’t recognized until 1965.

Finally Rod was introduced to the Spirit of his own Grandfather, who had carried on the family tradition of passing on the Celtic Spiritual Pipe from Grandfather to Grandson for nearly 400 years.

Along with the presentation of the Spiritual Pipe that had been conducted by Archie came the knowledge of an Ancient practice of healing that dated back to Egypt’s King Sety the First.

Through a technique of drawing the powers of the Ancient God of Jeb and the Goddess of his twin sister Nut, the negative energies of disease and illness became neutralized, and a state of harmony was established and wellness became achieved.

Rod’s mastery of this same technique enabled him to overcome all of the negative elements within his own body in a remarkable period of time.

It wasn’t long before Rod became recognized as a healer in his own right, and Eye of the Eagle Retreat & Wellness Center was established.

Follow Rod’s journey as he became well known and respected as a Celtic Healer and prolific author of the following additional novels:

  • Through the Eye of the Eagle, the Legend of Eau Claire Gorge
  • Children and the Wilderness
  • The Earth, Sky and You, Self-Healing with Confidence

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