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04-22-22 Jan Mallett “YOUR GARDEN GURU”

I met Jan a few years ago at a local Networking event in our area. She had all but retired from Real-Estate and was involved in Direct Sales. I found her to be very energetic, direct and knowledgeable. She is involved in the local community and I couldn’t wait to speak with her about being a master gardener – especially since this is an area where I also dwell! We spoke prior to the interview and we learned a few new things about each other – I felt that it was important to speak with her on this Podcast, because the information about growing your own food and flowers is not only beneficial for your physical health, but also is an amazing healing tool for mental and soul health.

About Jan:

Jan Works in southeastern Connecticut by helping people who thought they had a “Black Thumb”, by teaching them gardening skills and classes.  She teaches them how to grow food for their tummies and food for their souls, by giving them “Peas of Mind.”

Mission: Connecting People…One Gardener at a Time

Jan has combined her formal gardening education and over 50 years of experience, along with her business expertise to innovate and create a concierge-style service to educate beginner and veteran gardeners to grow their own food, to have a healthier lifestyle, and more peace in their lives Let’s GROW…..Together Jan Mallett has transplanted to Preston Connecticut from New Mexico just over 52 yearsago. Jan married into a gardening family, has 2 grown children and 2 teenage grandchildren. She has always been in the nurturing/ consultant “business “.  Jan worked for 35 years as a Real Estate consultant, serving the needs of her home buyers and sellers; helping to solve their Real Estate problems, and achieve their dreams.

Jan knew that because of the gardening empire she has become part of, she understands to be “well-armed “, was something of an understatement! She went out and earned her Master Gardener certification and believes that having a “green thumb” is something you continue to cultivate through lots of practice, trial and error. She learned all about row gardening and patch gardening from her hard-working mother-in-law and husband. She has also done straw-bale gardening, Aero-gardening(hydroponics), greenhouse gardening, and container gardening.

Jan has grown plants in all types of soil, conditions, big gardens, tiny windowsill gardens and she can’t wait to help you realize the gardening dreams you envision for yourself.

In Person and Virtual Services offered:
*Garden Consults
*Garden Designs and installs
*Workshops for Private groups and for schools, over 55 communities and for Assisted Living facilities

More info about Services:
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