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Jackie Woods is an expert in the field of self-actualization with more than 25 years teaching experience.  She brings healing through accelerated personal growth.  Unlike traditional self-help publications and classes that often focus on “fixing” symptoms and “coping” with dysfunction, Jackie’s teachings focus on eliminating the causes of problems and Empowering Your Heart for Extraordinary Living.  Jackie built a highly successful practice as a Life Teacher in Atlanta, Georgia that lasted for over 20 years.  In 1998, her intuitive guidance directed her to leave her individual practice and move to Columbus, NC where she founded the Adawehi Healing Center.  Jackie offers her Awareness Courses at the Healing Center, taking people beyond the basic teachings of metaphysics to an awareness and appreciation of living from their heart essence.  This in-depth study is intended to give students tools for lasting change and fulfillment in life.

Show 04-16-08

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