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07-17-19 Inner Listening

When we think we know something about the world, about ourselves and others then we cannot be listening. Most of the time we are listening to the ego voice which has its own agenda and is not who you are. If we are serious about awakening then we must stop the blame game. Blaming the governments, the teachers, parents, ourselves and the world. The fault is not outside, the fault is with ego thinking. We must go past all judgments and learn to listen to the inner guide. When we can see that the world is simply an invention of our mind then there is no need to take it so seriously, believing that harm is outside. We must go past such foolishness. We are learning to forgive everything that is made up so we can return to the I am presences. In order to do this, we must get out of the driver’s seat and allow ourselves to be lead by the inner guide, the one that knows. You cannot wake yourself but you can allow yourself to be awakened. This inner listening will lead you out of the dream and into reality.

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