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Goddess Unleashed with Diane Vich02-27-20 The Impact Oxidative Stress has on the Body

Diane explains genetics and the impact oxidative stress has on the body.  She explains the impact stress has on your genetics.  She explains the physical and emotional root in relation our stress response patterns and genetic predispositions.  Diane also briefly explains a new writing practice called the Vimala Alphabet, which she began in November 2019.  She began this new form of meditation to enhance her transformation by combining it with her Unleashed Technique.  This new practice was an integral part of her routine after dealing with an extremely stressful event.  She reveals two unique stressful situations that she experienced and the symptoms that emerged (fatigue, severe pain and headache).  These two stories uncover the truth revealing the true impact emotional triggers have on the body.  She enlightens the audience explaining connection between our emotional reaction to stress and physical symptoms.  Diane describes the Unleashed Technique which she uses in her program.  This unique process help her clients combat their genetic predispositions, self-limiting beliefs and stress easily.  She uses these techniques to battle her genetic condition, Ehlers Danlos Type III.  Her doctors are astonished by her health gains.  And many of them waiting for paperback copies in March to read her book. The Unleashed Technique is: Undo the Root, Nurture the Body, Let Go of the Past, Energize and Release, Affirm your Success, Succeed with Hypnosis, Holistic Health, Evolve and Dream.  At the end of this episode she shares the power of creating a self-loving routine that includes yoni health and orgasms.  And brings a little fun and awareness into the benefits of orgasm to reduce stress and inflammation.  And the fun added benefit of amazing sleep.

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