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02-06-24 The Illusion of the Ego – A Movie Commentary by David Hoffmeister

The movie ‘Ruby Sparks’ explores the need to release our interpretations of the distorted world of linear time, which is a result of the ego’s trick of becoming accustomed to the world. The ego’s illusions, known as Maya, are temporary and take the place of the light of eternity. Jesus is dismantling our linear perception of the world, requiring faith. The Bible and A Course in Miracles emphasize faith, as the prayer in our hearts takes us to God. Jesus teaches us that we are an idea in the mind of God and have not left our source. Mystics and saints have shown us that it is possible to live a life devoted to God and put our whole hearts into devotion. In the modern era, quantum physics emphasizes the connection between the material world and consciousness, emphasizing the importance of emptying our minds and focusing on the divine.

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