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featured-writer-seal1I Feel Your Pain: A 7-Step Survival Guide For Empaths, Intuitives & Highly Sensitive Peopleifeelyourpain
By Niki Elliott, PhD

After years of exploring her own intuitive gifts and specializing in energy balancing for intuitive adults and children, author Niki Elliott, PhD shares the techniques that have helped her and her intuitive clients survive and thrive. If you think you may be (or know you are) an empath, intuitive or highly sensitive person, I Feel Your Pain is a message of hope and empowerment. Learn how to stop absorbing the pain of others, take control of your gifts, and successfully integrate your intuitive gifts into your work and your life.

In the past, if someone told you, “I feel your pain,” you probably felt you were being heard and understood by a person who connected with you and cared about your suffering. But when I tell you that I feel your pain, I mean that I literally can feel your physical and emotional pain inside my body as if it were my own. At least, I used to—before I learned what it means to be an intuitive empath.

This may be true for you, too. You may feel people’s pains and emotions as though they were part of your own physical experience. Perhaps you intuitively see images, hear sounds, or know thoughts or information that other people don’t access. You may be highly sensitive to energy and the environment around you. Whatever your unique expression of intuition or energetic sensitivity is (and every individual is different), your gift comes with a special set of challenges and benefits. After years of exploring my own intuitive gifts and specializing in energy balancing for intuitive adults and children, I wrote this book to share the techniques that have helped me, and my intuitive clients, to overcome the challenges and to thrive by using their intuitive abilities with intention and discernment.

I believe we need to consider empathic overload as a viable part of assessing every aspect of wellness, including mood, learning, behavior, and physical health. Some energy healing specialists believe that the majority of emotional, mental, and physical ailments are actually rooted in energetic imbalances.

We are all connected, and everything and everyone leaves an imprint on our energy field. In fact, our interconnectedness is the core of who we are. If you are intuitive or energetically sensitive, you are more likely than most to be challenged by empathically blending with people and your environment, which is essentially taking on or absorbing other people’s pain, joys, excitement, and fears.

Unfortunately, we are not taught to take care of ourselves energetically.

We understand the need for good physical hygiene. We shower, wash our hands, and brush our teeth. But we aren’t taught that as energetic beings we have an energy body that requires as much care and attention as our physical body does.

When we become aware of our intuitive nature and our energetic body, we can learn how to cultivate our gifts, practice energetic wellness, and thrive. That’s when we are able to fully shine our unique passion, talents, and genius on the planet.

Imagine if every human being were able to fully utilize his or her intuitive potential! What would the world be like if we received training in the appropriate and balanced use of intuitive gifts? How many of our global problems could be solved, bringing us closer to experiencing heaven on earth? What would our world be like if we intuitively knew the truth of who we are and what we need? How would our personal and international relations be improved if we lived and acted from our intuitive awareness of the highest truths, rather than getting caught up in fears, worries, and drama from the media or from others around us?

Imagine how our schools would be different if we taught our children to engage their intuition as part of the learning process. Picture how our health care system would be different if we included intuition as part of the process for patients and practitioners. Even our family lives would be dramatically altered if we honored and cultivated intuitive wisdom at home.

If you were fully “you” and maximized all your intuitive gifts and talents, how would you be different? How would your world be different?

If you think you may be (or know you are) an empath, intuitive, or energetically sensitive person, I Feel Your Pain is a message of hope and empowerment. You are not broken. You are gifted and you can learn to take control of your gifts and your life. If you are a minister, doctor, nurse, coach, therapist, teacher, or other helping professional, you will learn to stop absorbing the pain of others and integrate a new intuitive dimension into your work.

Your intuition is a powerful—perhaps the most powerful—part of you. Isn’t it time you got to know it better?


I wrote I Feel Your Pain to bring mainstream awareness to the unique needs of spiritual gifted individuals whose mood, learning, behavior and health challenges are deeply rooted in the energetic overload they experience on a daily basis.

Life as an intuitive empath can be challenging at best, debilitating at worst. There are no roadmaps and little guidance or support available for those who are blessed (though feeling cursed) with the ability to embody or absorb others’ physical and emotional pain. This story of my personal journey toward energetic balance and integration has become a message of empowerment that has transformed the lives of thousands of empathic children and adults. I Feel Your Pain: A 7-Step Survival Guide for Empaths, Intuitives and Highly Sensitive People serves as a bridge that helps others cross over from a life of empathic pain to a full, healthy expression of their intuitive power.

Dr. Niki Elliott is a holistic educator, author, speaker and expert in the field of intuition development and consciousness healing. Her passion and calling is to educate the public about the potential of the human mind to experience and develop higher states of consciousness. Through online courses, live trainings and destination retreats, Niki creates safe environments where people of all ages can comfortably explore their capacity for intuitive living.

Niki is the founder of Innerlight Sanctuary, a virtual village for empathic and intuitive people. She is the author of two books, The Intuitive Mother and I Feel Your Pain: A 7-Step Survival Guide for Empaths, Intuitives and Highly Sensitive People. Niki is also the founder of The Innerlight Method, a groundbreaking holistic healing modality that helps empaths and intuitives develop healthy energetic boundaries and restore emotional/physical balance through the integration of consciousness. She has developed a unique form of intuitive communication that allows practitioners to speak to the higher consciousness of another individual to assist with healing and personal transformation.

Niki Elliott earned a BA at UC Berkeley, a MA at Teachers College, Columbia University and a PhD in Education from UCLA. She has trained for more than 15 years in various holistic healing modalities including Usui Reiki, Kundalini Yoga and Theta Healing. As an ordained New Thought minister, Dr. Niki serves on the spiritual leadership team at the Unity Burbank Center for Spiritual Awareness. She is an in-demand speaker at other spiritual communities throughout the Southern California region. She resides with her family in Pasadena, CA.

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