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05-22-19 How Can I be Truly Helpful on the Spiritual Journey

Everyone likes to be helpful. The most important thing is where is the helpfulness and giving coming from. Is it from the ego or the spirit? In many helping professions such as Social Service, there is a very high burn out rate. This is because it is coming from the ego. The ego believes that giving and being of service is a sacrifice. To be of service you are losing something of yourself giving something away. This is not giving but wanting to get something. This is a very sneaking trick of the ego. So our mission is to give from the spirit. The true you will never burn out and wants to give naturally because it already knows who it is. When you give from love you receive love from the creator as all love is of the creator. You can never lose in giving truly. This is the experience we all want to get into, we want to come from a place where we are so filled with love that we have to give it away, we have to be in total service of the spirit as there is no other way.

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