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11-02-22 Heralds of Eternity with David Hoffmeister and Frances Xu

In this Closing Session from the October Tabula Rasa Online Retreat David Hoffmeister and Frances Xu addresses the big questions that came up during the weekend long online retreat.

They are encouraging people to use A Course of Miracles and the teachings of Jesus throughout the centuries, to help us to go right into the experience of Right Now. That’s why the retreat is called the Heralds of Eternity. Why wait till the puppet is taking its final breath? Why wait till then to forgive? Why wait till then when in reality, it isn’t even there?

Jesus says you’re mistaken about everything, but you’re particularly mistaken about life and death. The ego is the death in your mind, and that’s what you’re practicing, releasing, and you will experience that life is eternal. Life is there for you, even if you seem to fail in this world. That is the good news. You can’t die. Isn’t that lovely? So why not face this stuff right now? Why are we waiting for an artificial future when we can look at it right now?

Enjoy David Hoffmeister and Frances Xu’s closing the October Tabula Rasa Online Retreat and addressing participants questions.

You can listen to the entire session on Spreaker.

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