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10-06-21 Healing Your Mind “Words on Bathroom Walls” Spiritual Movie Commentary with David Hoffmeister, ACIM

All the characters, you’re looking at in the world are part of a mental schizophrenic state, and the sleeping mind, who believes in the ego, is definitely schizophrenic. The ego is generating people, and characters that aren’t really here.

Most people are freaked out by schizophrenia because of the imaginary characters that aren’t really here but LISTEN, we’re all dealing with this every day. There are 7 billion imaginary characters that have been generated by the ego, just on planet Earth alone, running around in the ego-mind. They’re all just generations of beliefs and thoughts that the ego made up.

So the human condition is schizophrenic by nature and the movie “Words on Bathroom Walls” is going to help us deal with this today because this movie like the movie “A Beautiful Mind” will really bring it home, of what it’s like to deal with dark thoughts, to deal with an unconscious mind, to deal with all these characters that aren’t really here and deal with all the emotions that come up when we perceive these characters.”

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