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Steve-Ozanich03-04-16   Great Pain Deception: Faulty Medical Advice Is Making Us Worse – A Conversation with Steve Ozanich

10 years ago, today’s guest, Steve Ozanich, was so crippled by back pain that had resisted every other standard approach, was scheduled to have very serious spinal surgery. He didn’t have it, but instead discovered there was a much more efficient, inexpensive, and effective way to return back to full functioning. Then he wrote a book about what he discovered in the hopes it could help others.

Steve’s book, The Great Pain Deception: Faulty Medical Advice Is Making Us Worse, was an Award-Winning Finalist in both, “Best New Health Book” and “Health: Alternative Medicine” categories at this year’s 2012 International Book Awards (IBA).

Steve’s thesis is that a huge percentage of our pain, and nearly all of our back pain is not actually the result of a structural problem, but is the result of suppressed emotions such as anger and anxiety, giving rise to what Dr. John Sarno called the tension myoneural syndrome.

He then discovered Dr. Miller’s guided imagery audio programs and got to work changing his mind and changing his life. In 1-½ years he was pain free and has been pain free for 11 years.

As you listen, you will learn more about how subconscious levels of the mind, reacting to anxiety, fear, and despair, create pain in the body as a distraction to protect the ego from unpleasant emotions. We will learn more about why it might be important to become more aggressive with your back pain, and how the same changes that can relieve back pain.

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