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12-23-20 Contact Modalities with Grant Cameron

Cynthia Sue Larson talks with Grant Cameron about consciousness, UFOs, and contact modalities.  Grant shares his personal experience with the “wow factor” of seeing UFOs, and describes the value of contact modalities.  Just as Paul McCartney received his song, “Yesterday” in a dream, some of the top scientific discoveries and artistic creations come through in the form of direct knowing and inspiration.  We can learn to get in the field by utilizing any of a number of some dozens of contact modalities, such as meditating, to quiet the left side of our brains.  Grant describes how UFO experiences have changed over the decades and centuries, from wooden ships seen in the air in the 1800s to modern-day experiences with orbs, mists, beams of light, and triangles.  Humanity now has an opportunity to experience what a difference our beliefs can make, when we recognize the foundation of reality is consciousness–and not physical “nuts and bolts.”

Grant Cameron is the recipient of the Leeds Conference International Researcher of the Year and the UFO Congress Researcher of the Year. Grant has authored numerous books and presented findings from decades of research in interviews and at events held around the world, as well as in TV documentaries and nearly a hundred radio shows.   Grant’s website is:

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