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Kari Caldwell12-17-20 Global Healing Series: Kari Caldwell

Diane interviews Kari Caldwell focusing on stress and overwhelm during the Holidays.  Kari shares her insights to reprogram ourselves through stressful situations.  These little strategies are powerful tools to empower ourselves during stressful experiences.  These little shifts help us avoid the overwhelming emotional shifts by providing a time to surrender to the emotions. Kari discusses the differences between masculine and feminine energy within each of us.  She also shares the importance of balancing these energies to truly empower ourselves.  Stress happens when there is a disconnect between our mind and body as we experience our lives.  This special episode sheds light on the powerful shifts we can make in our day as we surrender in the moment.  Diane shares her insights on surrendering the need to control to relieve the stress and symptoms we experience.  Diane further explains the physical and emotional root of injuries.  Kari believes these experiences give us an opportunity to nurture ourselves with compassion as we transcend these experiences.  Diane agreed that her Thanksgiving injury gave her the opportunity to slow down and nurture the root of the emotional and physical trigger.  The holidays always bring triggers and 2020 is a uniquely stressful experience.  Each of us experiences life in a unique way and it is important to shift these energies quickly to reduce overwhelming stress.  Diane and Kari collaborate to share strategies to shift the stress and reprogram ourselves.  Kari shares a beautiful meditation during the second half to quiet the mind and center our thoughts. This is a powerful episode to inspire us to take a deeper look at our symptoms of stress and anxiety to truly tackle them in the moment.

Kari Caldwell is a healer with many gifts.  She is an oracle, High Priestess of Soul Evolution, Interfaith Minister, Master Integrative Energy Therapy Instructor, medium, intuitive counselor, spiritual adviser, health coach, entrepreneur, mountain mama, wife, and (perhaps most importantly) hockey mama to three enthusiastic boys.

She has worked as a professional intuitive for over 10 years, providing guidance for countless people from around the world. She has been blessed with invitations to host her own radio show, podcast, and book.

She credits her success to a co-partnership with Spirit! And of course, the road was not always smooth and serene. Her newest venture is Goddess and Goals.

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