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Irena Scott05-07-19 Ghosts and UFOs! WHAT IF… things that go Bump-In-The-Night

Ghosts and UFOs! WHAT IF… things that go Bump-In-The-Night and UFOs are real and visit us through the same Portal? On Dreaming Healing with Host Kat Kanavos the Paranormal meets UFOs as PORTAL author Adela Casales Rocha discusses the world of ghosts and spirits, and SACRED CORRIDORS author Dr. Irena Scott talks about her work as an expert researcher on UFOs, and the truth behind the TV Hit Series Project BLUE BOOK. Do Ghosts and UFOs really exist? If yes…can they use the same portals to help us in times of need as described in the Dream Story published in Dreams That Can Save Your Life: Early Warning Dreams of Cancer and Other Diseases of Dana Anderson who dreamed a Silver Spaceship with aliens came to her aid and saved her life when she was dying of ovarian cancer? Tune into Dreaming Healing to hear the answer to those questions from the experts who know. Dr. Irena Scott

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