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09-02-19 Following in the Flow to Clean Up Our Waters, with guest Bonnie Combs, Marketing Director, Blackstone Heritage Corridor

Clean water is one of our most important resources. It sustains our lives, our health, our economy and our natural environment. When it becomes dirty, all these things suffer. How did our rivers and oceans become so polluted with trash, chemicals and bacteria, and what are we doing about it? In the first segment, we will take a story walk, stepping back in history to consider the use of rivers during the Industrial Era and returning to the present to begin to look at how things are changing for the better.

Bonnie Combs, Marketing Director, Blackstone Heritage CorridorLater in the show, environmentalist Bonnie Combs will speak with us about the Blackstone Heritage Corridor, where she serves as the Marketing Director. The Blackstone River, known as “the hardest working river,” runs 46 miles from Worcester, MA, to Pawtucket, RI. Dropping a total of 438 feet in that distance, the river narrows and surges with the tremendous power that fueled the Industrial Revolution. Industrial factories polluted the river waters with industrial and bacterial waste. As the economy grew, so did the amount of trash that ended up in the river. Fortunately, clean water is now the law, and the cities and towns along the Blackstone are coming together to to preserve and promote the Blackstone River Valley’s historic, cultural, natural, and recreational resources for current and future generations

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