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11-01-23 The Fear of Miscreation- A Movie Commentary by David Hoffmeister

The song “Let It Go” from Frozen reminds us to let go of the past and the belief system that projected the cosmos and memories. Jesus teaches us that judgment is on a continuum, and the ego is a belief in separation from God. The present moment is not the actual present moment; the perceptual world is the past. The movie Frozen features two main characters, Elsa and Anna, who have powers and manifestations. However, these powers are not powerful, as all power is of God and spirit. Jesus teaches us that there is only one kind of love, and everything else is an imitation. The problem with preceding power in the cosmos is that it leads to miscreation, as seen in Star Trek.

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Recorded in the Evening of October 7, 2023, at Living Miracles Monastery in Utah, USA.

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