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Look for the Good Carrie Rowan10-16-23 How to Embrace an Entrepreneurial Spirit as your Guide in Business & Life with Amy Mosher Berry

SHOW SUMMARY:  In this evocative episode 36 of ‘Look for the Good,’ host Carrie Rowan welcomes the resilient Amy Mosher Berry, an entrepreneur with a heartfelt narrative that stretches through generational wisdom and personal triumphs. Amy opens the treasure trove of poignant stories, revealing how her grandmother’s indomitable spirit during the depression era became her legacy and a beacon in her entrepreneurial journey. Navigate with us through Amy’s compelling journey from turbulent times to serene victories, as she steers her life and business through the rough seas using an inherited internal compass.

Learn about Amy’s profound impact on young people and forward-thinking organizations, assisting them in exploring and optimizing internship experiences, and find your own inspiration to weather your storms by staying tuned to the wisdom that echoes through generations

Amy Mosher BerryBIO: Amy Mosher Berry is a passionate social entrepreneur and community development professional with 20+ years of project experience including 10 years running her own consulting firm, 5 years teaching college, and now as the CEO & Founder of Visions Internships.

She understands firsthand what today’s organizational leaders and young professionals need to succeed in our ever-changing world and enjoys adding value wherever she can.

Amy is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP)® with a Master’s degree in Community Development and Planning Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies/Spanish.

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