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02-27-19 Embracing your Magnitude

When on the spiritual journey we really need to take practical steps to unwind from ego thinking. We need to give ourselves the space to look at our thoughts and looping patterns that seem to keep being acted out in form. The ego’s plan is to keep us stuck in time going around in circles never really getting anywhere or finding a true resolution to our seeming problems. We have to have a direct experience that we are not located in a body, in time and space, to escape the illusion of this world. We need to discipline the mind away from thinking in terms of linear time. We have to take all the thoughts of the world back to our mind and hand them over to the Spirit to release them. We want to be shown a real experience of who we are. We need to experience divine love, peace of mind, a lighthearted joy, knowing that what we have been perceiving is not true. We want to open up and deepen in our magnitude, in our birthright of wholeness and to remember we are dreaming.

This week we dive deeply into the dismantling of the personality self and remember the power and glory of our true spiritual nature.

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