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05-02-22 Why Eating Organic is Crucial to the Future of the Planet

Guest Zen Honeycutt, Founder and Executive Director, Moms Across America

Genetically-modified foods were created to withstand the heavy spraying of toxic herbicides and pesticides. Many crops, both GMO and non-GMO are treated with glyphosate (a.k.a. Roundup Weed Killer), which seeps into the soil, where it is absorbed by grain, bean, fruit and vegetable plants. This is not how food was meant to be grown. These herbicides compromise the beneficial ecosystem that lives beneath the soil. Furthermore, their presence in food has been associated with life-threatening allergies, autism, gastrointestinal and neurological disorders, and even cancer. One solution is to shop for organic foods locally and another solution is to grow an organic food community.

Zen HoneycuttZen Honeycutt is Founder and Executive Director of Moms Across America, a national coalition of Unstoppable Moms and supporters who care about truth, health, freedom, and taking actions to create healthy communities. A prolific writer, Zen has been published in magazines, newspapers, online and her own book, UNSTOPPABLE, the story of a mother who learns about the current state of our world food supply, how it affects your dinner table, and how it affects the health of everyone you love.

She is the producer of Communities Rising, a documentary created while traveling the country to speak with individuals and groups seeking and acting upon their desire for health, community and freedom from corporate control over our food supply. Zen is doing everything she can to amplify the voice of moms and truth-telling citizens from around the world. In response to food shortages and food contamination, Moms Across America is launching a community-building initiative and website –

Note: Moms Across America has commissioned lab testing to study the presence glyphosate in breast milk, urine and water. We ran short on time to be able to cover this in the episode, however, you can learn more about this at


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