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10-22-20 Crappy to Happy Series- Dr. Anne Worth and Lynn Reilly

Diane interviews Dr. Anne Worth and Lynn Reilly on this episode of the Crappy to Happy Series. Dr. Worth and Lynn have two unique stories about their journey to find themselves through forgiveness. Dr. Worth shares her powerful story of overcoming childhood trauma, addictions and finding her Self-worth again. She talks about her journey of hopeless that lead her to attempt suicide twice. And she found her way back to self-love and created her book “Call me Worthy.” She had built walls around herself because of all the hurt she experienced in life. And she pushed through to break her walls and recreate herself.

Lynn shares her intuitive message that led her to living with serendipity. Lynn’s book 30 days to me was a story of her triumph over overwhelming feelings and feeling disconnected. Lynn realized that she was giving so much that she had lost her connection to herself. Lynn dedicated time each day to commit to herself and do something she enjoyed. And she noticed her mood, vibration and energy changed. And in those moments her intuition would open up. Especially during these times of added stress it is important for us to tap into these nurturing activities. We have to fill up our cup with Self-love and nurturing in order to effectively help others without draining ourselves in the process. Lynn shares her struggles since childhood with her mom who was diagnosed Schizophrenic and Bi-polar. And as a child she became co-dependent and supported her mom during those difficult times of emotional shifts. And Lynn shares her story of finding forgiveness for her mom and herself after her mom committed suicide. Diane and Lynn both agree it is important to nurture the self to avoid the sense of depletion. Diane talks about shifting the stress in a quick way to change your mood, energy and emotions using music and dance. Diane and Lynn both agree we need to nurture our inner child, current self and future self (aka Parent). Lynn closes the episode with Trust is the antidote to fear. And the more we trust ourselves the easier the journey will become. Diane invites you to connect with nature and find that inner trust.

Both of these powerful interviews are filled with inspiration and hope through life’s challenges and obstacles.  Diane, Dr. Worth and Lynn all agree that forgiveness is a huge part of the healing process. Forgiveness is a life-long journey because we are always processing unresolved feelings, beliefs and emotions. Each challenge is an opportunity for us to grow and evolve. It is important to trust and recognize that all of our experiences are all happening for us to grow.

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