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Dena Breslin Interview03-25-22 Dena Breslin~ Awakened Soul Story of the Week

I am so excited and honored to have an opportunity to speak with Dena and talk about what she’s been doing since the last time we spoke. We met in 2010 while working for Swarovski – in the Touchstone Crystal Division. I remember the division was fairly new and Dena was one of the division leaders at that time and was really starting to build herself quite the team of Sales Reps. I have always known her to be high energy, positive, intelligent, and ambitious, and because of her drive, she has become very successful. I also remember that Dena was very direct and honest, she was out to be the best she could be. It was a sight to behold watching her in action. I remember thinking to myself; Now there is someone who can change the world!!

Dena is a mother to 3 amazing children, and resides in Redding Pennsylvania.

We have maintained a connection as well as a friendship for all of these years – It has been a pleasure watching her build her life into something so amazing – helping so many people along her journey, to heal, build confidence and empower them to be the best version of themselves – while continuously building a very strong spiritual connection to the higher energies that surround all of us. She is truly blessed in so many ways and divinely inspired to make the world a better place.

For 25 years, Dena’s passion has been sales success, leadership development and mindset transformation. A former physician assistant in gastroenterology, she continues to advocate for and educate on holistic health and wellness.

As a Certified High-Performance coach, her practice, Dena B Coaching, includes one on one sessions, Rewire Your Mind Workshops and Leadership Keynotes, for sales leaders, teams and entrepreneurs.

She is a coauthor of 2 women empowerment anthologies, as well as a contributor to Forbes Coaching Council.

Dena is the Managing Director of the Redding Rebels basketball team – her newest business/coaching venture through this, she has found a way to give back to her community!

She believes your best life begins in your mind.

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