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02-15-17   Cultural Insights for Wellbeing with Natalie Tobert

Natalie Tobert talks with Cynthia about the importance of understanding how anomalous experiences (such as OBEs and NDEs) that contain an element of a perceived ‘negative’ nature are being pathologized by many western medical practitioners and health experts–which does a disservice to those experiencing these phenomena, and to society at large. Everyone stands to gain from recognizing how we can make a cultural U-turn to find the value in effective practices such as peer-supported open dialogue.

Medical anthropologist Dr Natalie Tobert offers educational training on Spiritual and Cultural Equalities to staff in hospitals, and students at medical schools and universities.  She has run events in UK, USA, India, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland (or wherever she is invited). Her most recently published book, Cultural Perceptions on Mental Wellbeing, explores spiritual interpretations of anomalous experiences and mental well being.

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