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11-01-22 The Courage to be Happy with Tania Vasallo

Today, I’m sharing my conversation with Tania Vasallo. Tania is the founder of The Courage To Be Happy, a safe and empowering community that encourages women entrepreneurs to be true to themselves and take control of their money and their lives.

Tania and I share many of the same beliefs and feelings when it comes to women and their relationship with money. She loves sharing how women can shift their mindset to not work as hard for their money, to tap into prosperity and abundance from a feminine perspective, and feel less insecure when it comes to earning and managing their money.

You can find more about Tania at as well as all the links below, which are referenced in our conversation:

Free guide of Women’s Top Money Mistake –

YouTube Channel –

FB Group –

Learn more about Meghan here:

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