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01-28-21 Global Healing Series: High Performance Confidence Coach with Oscar Guerrero

Diane interviews her former Mindset Coach – Oscar Guerrero on the last inspirational episode of Goddess Unleashed.  Oscar is an amazing High Performance Confidence Coach.  Diane shares her rollercoaster journey to inspire us to shift from a scarcity mindset to a prosperity mindset for 2021.  Oscar also faced difficult challenges in 2020 and used these strategies to shift himself into gratitude. They share their insights on the importance of gratitude to shift negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs. Diane shares her experience as an empath with various triggers that induced mindset amnesia.  This high stress environment caused her to avoid her self-loving practices and revert to old patterns.  Diane shares the fear that spiraled her into a stress response when her Crappy to Happy story was ready for publication.  Her subconscious took over and sent her into a rollercoaster of negative emotions.  Oscar shares the importance of compassion towards yourself during difficult times to focus on self-love.  And as you love yourself more you begin to accept yourself and shift your mindset to one of gratitude.

Diane and Oscar emphasize the importance of changing these emotions within us with self-loving practices and exercise.  Diane shares a unique kids mindset song and dance on this episode as she unravels her fear of being seen. Watch the adorable Giggle Wiggle video on her Kids Mindset Goddess Channel.  Diane is excited to continue to spread love and hope with her mood boxes, mindset lessons and kids inspiration on this channel. She sends you all much love and light for a prosperous 2021 and thanks you for your support on her podcast journey.  She reminds us in this powerful episode the true shifts that happen when you give love and hope to those in need. Diane and Oscar inspire us to reach for success by shifting away from negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  Oscar shares the importance of gratitude to transform your mood during times of grief, sadness and chaos.  The episode is filled with strategies to shift our mood for a prosperous 2021.  This episode was dedicated to Oscar and his son Olly.

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Oscar is a High Performance Confidence Coach.  He specializes in helping ambitious, high performing professionals and business owners tap into their true confidence so that they get “unstuck.” advance their careers and make more money. Having struggled mightily with low-self esteem and social anxiety as a child and young adult, Oscar dedicated himself to studying and investing in personal development bootcamps and programs. His son Olly passed away in early 2020 and he continues to push through his grief and internal resistance to impact the world around him.

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