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12-27-23 Community Chautauqua at Casa Quantico with David Hoffmeister

David starts the Chautauqua by talking about the expanding prison ministry. The prisoners are a very receptive audience to the idea of innocence, and when they get released or paroled, they are ready to go and proclaim the good news.

The Holy Spirit, the spirit of joy, is the key to bringing these teachings to life. The mystical mind training program, which combines the teachings of the Course and Miracles into an audio-visual medium, has helped transfer the training. But the demonstration and action of these teachings are crucial, as they point to the moment of release and the kingdom of heaven.

Jesus said, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand,” and we must continue proclaiming this good news of innocence. In Australia, they say, “No worries, mate,” which is another version of the kingdom of heaven. This is not a denial but a more profound sense of happiness and joy. Our life is about demonstrating happiness, joy, and the blessing of eternal life.

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