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Chaos to Clarity Sacred Stories of Transformational Change11-20-19 Chaos to Clarity: Sacred Stories of Transformational Change, Co-Author Rev. Patricia Cagganello and Co-Author Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos



Real people. Real pain. Real hopelessness. Real healing.

Witness firsthand the challenges that men and women from around the world faced head-on, and how, through their adversity, they became stronger and happier.

Battling a life-threatening illness. Surviving an abusive relationship. Overcoming addiction. Suffering the heartbreaking loss of a child. Wrestling with self-sabotaging thoughts. Losing and finding love… these are just a few of the transformational stories that will encourage you and change your perspective in Chaos to Clarity.

A global voice of contributing authors bared their souls for you. Their unfettered honesty is a gift to all and connects us to the Butterfly Effect of Universal Oneness. Just as the flapping of a tiny wing can change weather patterns around the world, a small inspiration may impart positivity on another’s life. The tears shed from these stories may make waves on distant shores, and your peals of laughter may become someone’s breath of life.

Change is part of the natural order of life. In this inspirational book, authors Cagganello and Kanavos offer their expertise on the spirituality and psychology of change and explain why change is not only necessary, it’s good for you!

Welcome to the heart of our shared humanity. Discover hope for the future and a blueprint for your life in these life-changing pages.

Rev. Patricia Cagganello is CEO and Founder of Sacred Stories Media, a conscious online media network. Sacred Stories Media includes Sacred Stories Publishing, an award-winning traditional book publishing and marketing company; Garnet Press, a self-publishing book division; and Sacred U, an online course division. As an ordained interfaith, inter-spiritual minister Patricia believes every story is a sacred story. She is ordained from One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York and has earned her Masters of Arts in Education and her Bachelors of Science in Business. She is also a columnist for BIZCATALYST 360 Magazine. Learn more at and

Kathleen KanovosKathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos is an International multi-award-winning author/ Dream Expert seen on Dr. Oz, Doctors, NBC, and CBS. Kat has a degree in Psychopathology and Special Education, taught Psychology at USF, Ft. Myers Branch, and taught the severely emotionally handicapped. Kat is also a columnist for BIZCATALYST 360 Magazine and is known as The Queen of Dreams, a PR Guru, video podcaster/radio show host Dreaming Healing on DreamVisions7 Radio Network. Kat is a three-time breast cancer survivor whose dreams diagnosed her illness missed by the medical community. Learn more at

Buy NOW. Now available in paperback and e-book through Amazon, booksellers worldwide, and direct through Sacred Stories Publishing.

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