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04-21-20  “A Change in Perception” Divinely Inspired by Something Greater Than Myself That Connects Us All with Sherryl Comeau

Sherryl will be offering FREE samples of “The Emotion Code” releasing 3 trapped emotions from your system and checking for “Heart Wall”. The trapped emotions could be “Emotional” distress or “Physical” pain. We’re gauging issues from Level 1-10. (10 being the worst) This is a form of Muscle Testing similar to Kinesiology using Magnets to locate and remove Trapped Emotion energy. Its tapping into the subconscious of a person or animal. The conscious mind is where we live, make daily decisions. The subconscious mind is the bulk of our intelligence and connected to Divine Universal intelligence.Our natural state is to attract abundance in ALL things automatically! The belief in this work is that there are as many T.E. in the body, as there are days in the year, 365!! The Emotion Code is just a tool to help one cut loose the baggage and move forward. It’s one of the most powerful tools created to help.To learn more about The Emotion Code go to my website click on “Video” that’s my monthly educational Community TV segment.

Sherryl Comeau is a seasoned Holistic Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher and now Author. Her work as an Energy Practitioner with Remote distance balancing brings her around the globe from Hong Kong, Spain, France, Australia, California, Colorado, New York, Vermont, Mississippi, New Jersey, Florida including the New England area since 1998. She believes everyone has intuitive abilities on some level to tap into, if given the tools and direction. She has given Live Webinars to help educate, Volunteered at Hospitals. (Elliott, Manchester, NH & Holy Family, Haverhill, MA).

In the past Sherryl has also offered her Services at Expo’s throughout New England, has produced a Meditation CD with Crystal Singing Bowls and produces a monthly Educational Community Tv Segment with HC Media called “Sherry’s Metaphysical Corner” and Pod Cast. She has had radio interviews with; NBR New York; Fit for Joy/Blog Talk Radio w/Valeria (Teles) Koopman; Off the Cuff E-zine Live and written a few stories for their On-Line Magazine. Also hosted as a guest with Psychic Astrologer Christopher Witecki’s Live Facebook “Show & Tell” program where she offered a Live demonstration of Tuning Forks.

Her office is located in Plaistow, NH with Dr. Tony Lebro, at Lebro Center for Well Being. The two partner their services to provide a Total Care Facility, including Medical Intuitive Consultations, Kinesiology, Nutrition & Supplement Care, (Dr. Tony). And (Sherryl) Energy Balancing with such modalities as The Emotion Code a form of muscle testing w/magnets, Biofield Tuning w/tuning forks, Melchizedek Energy Method using color & light and Reiki.

In the book; “A Change in Perception” Sherryl with her Spirit Team shares with you her personal experiences connecting with her Team of friends and relatives that have crossed over, Angels and Light Beings. Writing with warmth, clarity and a mix of humor, she brings understanding by helping to educate people through some of her own experiences. Her goal is to help as she shares her practical, but spiritual guidance. Sherryl believes Meditation exercises daily on this journey, can help anyone get in touch with their own Divine Spirit Team, Guides, Angels, Light Beings. She believes each of us, with the help of our Team and a healthy balance of Energy Work, can replace doubt with trust and understanding. This book is about opening the mind to possibilities beyond what’s directly in front of us. To find peace through change, to work “with” life, not fight against it, to awaken one’s belief. That it’s ok to think outside the box and believe we “can” accomplish our dream. The knowledge is already within…

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