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12-05-22 Celebrating Our Oneness with All of Creation

Guests Barbara M. Fuyat, RScP, Spiritual Director of CSL South Coastal, MA Teaching Chapter, and Kristina White, CCH, Co-founder of Your Life and Land, Homeopathic Educator

Across the globe, Centers for Spiritual Living are uplifting humanity through the teachings of Science of Mind, a philosophy developed by CSL founder Ernest Holmes. He studied the world’s many religions and identified commonalities. One of the commonalities is the concept that our thoughts create our reality. Holmes correlated his findings to establish a unifying set of new thought principles that are scientifically provable in practice. The CSL community embraces people of all faiths and beliefs, which is a beautiful thing. An emphasis on unconditional love allows everyone to be free to be whoever they are, while also understanding that all are connected in Oneness.  CSL is rooted in the Transcendentalist movement led by Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson, who both emphasized the idea of human harmony with nature. They believed that nature can improve us spiritually and help us connect to the rest of the world.

Barbara FuyatBarbara Fuyat, RScP, is the Spiritual Director of the CSL South Coastal, MA Teaching Chapter. Her social and spiritual activism is strengthened by her Belief that changing the world begins by changing ourselves and living our principles and values. She has held leadership positions with Concordia CSL and CSL of Greater Boston, which have helped her grow in her commitment to Oneness, Wholeness and creating a world that works for everyone. Barbara leads ceremonies and services at local beaches, parks and farms; without walls or borders, honoring nature as our spiritual temple. She also leads online classes and a weekly “Circle of Intention,” that is open to one and all.

Kristina WhiteKristina White, CCH, is a Homeopathic Educator and co-founder of Your Life and Land, an online community formed around the belief that our connection to each other and nature (real food, trees, plants, animals) is critical to our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Kris is a best-selling coauthor of Wealth Codes: Sacred Strategies for Abundance. She offers workshops, learning circles, and individual homeopathic assessments for people, pets, and plants. She is knowledgeable in “Agrohomeopathy,” a natural method of healing and protecting plants and agricultural resources from pests and disease. Kris offers educational resources for individuals, as well as customized programs for healers, natural practitioners, farms and groups, that want to understand how to use homeopathy in their own quest for true wealth, vitality and wholeness.


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