The Rose as a Spiritual Symbol with Virginia Dee

07-26-18  The Rose as a Spiritual Symbol with Virginia Dee

Virginia welcomes her guest, Margie, to the show for an intuitive reading, called a Rose Reading.
She will begin the program with some really interesting and informative information on the inherent spiritual nature of the rose itself and its use as a symbol throughout the ages. As she reads her guest, she will explain her specific application of the rose symbology and how it helps to provide insight into every reading.

Never Give Up with Virginia Dee

05-24-18 Never Give Up with Virginia Dee

Topic: Spiritual Sight and Rose Reading

• Information on the topic, including what it is, why we have it and how to tune in and tune up to this natural spiritual ability

• Demonstration by doing a short rose reading for guest Caroline

• Answering questions of Caroline and/or email questions that I have received from other clients.

Virginia offers clairvoyant readings and energetic healing work. She specializes in RoseReadings, using the symbol of a rose to provide information and insight, from the spiritual perspective, about your present- time growth periods. As well, all readings include Past Life readings which provide valuable information to apply to present life experiences. Her readings are focused on validating spirit, providing extensive and valuable information about present, past time and past life experiences and support for accessing each person’s natural healing abilities. 604-218-2560