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Never Have a Bad Day Again

04-10-19 Never Have a Bad Day Again Everything in form can be used for awakening because we are always in the perfect place at the perfect time for healing, we just have to be open to be guided. Over the years David has been nicknamed the ‘Tech Mystic’ because he has...

The Ego Is out of Business

03-27-19 The Ego Is out of Business The ego has no power over your mind unless you give it that power. You can dispel the ego by withdrawing your attention from it. This is very important for us to take in and look at what we are thinking and believing. Everything...

The Guide Within

03-13-19 The Guide Within In this weeks show David is joined by Jason Warwick and Michael Caruana as they explore the topic of being under Christ control There is a power greater than what we know at work which is caring, loving and kind. We can call it a higher...

Embracing your Magnitude

02-27-19 Embracing your Magnitude When on the spiritual journey we really need to take practical steps to unwind from ego thinking. We need to give ourselves the space to look at our thoughts and looping patterns that seem to keep being acted out in form. The ego’s...

This Is Your Holy Instant

01-30-19  This Is Your Holy Instant Enjoy this profound second session of October’s “Awakening from the Dream” Online Retreat as David hosts a Q&A session with the online participants! Some of the topics talked about this week are, depression, feeling...
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