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04-22-20 Beyond all Appearance

In order to find your true self, you must uncover the mask that is your ego-self. This is done through exposing your hidden thoughts and beliefs, being transparent and open to let go of this false self. This includes all the thoughts that you think about the world and the entire cosmos must be let go if the truth is going to be revealed. The wonderful thing about this is that it is so practical, by simply looking at how you react to the world, to other personalities, to the economy, to your own thoughts about yourself and so on you can simply hand it all over to the Holy Spirit to reinterpret your whole experience. The Holy Spirit can use all the skills that you have learned from the world and use them for your awakening. By having a strong desire to awakening everything will be handled for your greater good to come into the joy and gratitude that is far beyond what you know now.

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