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Is Life Really Fair?

05-07-17  Is Life Really Fair? Dr Bernie finds many people asking if life is fair. Do we learn from our emotions through our experiences? Bernie shares how he is a Father to many, talks about control and fighting. Deborah Beauvais joins Bernie.

Poetry~ Its Therapeutic Value

04-02-17   Poetry~ Its Therapeutic Value Everything from tomatoes in the refrigerator to a letter from Mohammed Ali. You are not what you lost. Nature, trees and the animals. Children are what life is all about, the wisdom of Bernie’s son Jeff. Bernie is joined by his...

Mother Teresa Quotes

02-05-17   Mother Teresa Quotes Dr Bernie shares some of his favorite Mother Teresa quotes, how her messages apply today, and a number of other topics around keeping the mind and body nourished. Tune in for some the most inspiring stories from this pioneer and icon....

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