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Retreat to Peace07-05-23 Embracing Life’s Challenges: A Journey of Cancer, Healing, and Holistic Transformation with Saras Naidoo

Can you imagine facing not one, but two cancer diagnoses within your family? How would you cope, and where would you find strength? Today’s episode features an incredible woman who faced this challenge head-on and came out stronger on the other side – Saras Naidoo, a cancer freedom holistic coach. She opens up about her journey of healing both physically and spiritually, and how her newfound wisdom led her to help others going through similar situations.

Saras takes us through her husband’s kidney cancer diagnosis, her own battle with breast cancer, and the life-changing realization that cancer was a symptom of something greater happening within the body. Through meditation and holistic work, she became a Reiki master, hypnotherapist, life coach, shaman, and medium. Saras also shares how her family came together to support her and her husband during their darkest times, and the priceless gift of time that her husband was able to experience beyond his initial prognosis.

Get ready to be inspired by Saras’s wisdom and resilience, as we discuss self-love, self-care, and the importance of living in joy and harmony. Delve into the world of holistic healing and the powerful connection between our physical and emotional selves. Join us as we explore the significance of planting trees, growing our own food, and embracing life’s challenges as opportunities for growth and transformation.

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