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Broccoli! It's My Favorite Vegetable, author Donna M. GuaryEat all of your vegetables!
How many times did you hear that growing up?
How often have you said that to your little ones?
You won’t have to tell Henley to eat all of her vegetables, especially if it’s broccoli.
She loves it and can eat it every day!

Donna Guary was born and raised in California. Throughout her life, she has been fascinated by the history of people, places, and things. It is in this interest she discovered her love of writing stories and researching the genealogy of her family. Donna believes every moment of our lives is woven into a meaningful tapestry that reveals God’s plan for us and every moment matters. It is her goal to capture as many of these moments as possible.

Her first book, Broccoli, It’s My Favorite Vegetable! was inspired by Henley, her granddaughter, and her love of broccoli. Donna’s next book will take Henley and Gaga (her grandmother) on an adventure to answer this question: Where in the World Does Broccoli Come From? Faith and family are important components of Donna’s life. She’s the mother of two adult sons, a grandmother, and a great-grandmother. Donna is a graduate of Mid-America Christian University, an Air Force veteran, and a women’s Bible study leader. She loves cookbooks, traveling, missions, and giving back to her community. Donna currently lives in Oklahoma.

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