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07-07-21 The Gift of Cancer with Brenda Michaels

Cynthia Sue Larson talks with Brenda Michaels about her very personal spiritual journey with cancer.  Brenda explains what the “gift” of cancer is, and how this can be a gift for all of us, when facing serious issues in our lives, to face our fear and find love and compassion.  There is a special kind of power and authenticity of our genuine being, such that each of us has the ability to surrender to what is, without giving up.  Brenda shares some of the greatest keys to success in life, starting with discovering how you make the choices in your life.

Brenda Michaels is co-host of Conscious Talk: Radio that Makes a Difference with her husband, Rob Spears and author of “The Gift of Cancer.”  In her role as national speaker, workshop leader, and one-on-one coach to cancer patients, she shares the insights gained from her own healing experience–never forgetting that life is a work in progress.  She lives in Issaquah, Washington.  Brenda’s website is:

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